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API Call Rate Limits

To ensure a high quality of service for all of our API users, the Commission Factory API puts limits on the number of calls that you can make.

Requests Per Minute and Per Day

The Commission Factory API imposes two limits based on rolling time periods:

  • Up to 30 API calls in a rolling 60-second period
  • Up to 1000 API calls in a rolling 24-hour period

If you exceed either of these limits, then your access to the API will be throttled until the number of API calls in the rolling time period has dropped below the limit.

For example, if you make 30 API calls each spaced 1 second apart, then you would have to wait 60 seconds from the time of the first API call before you could make another one. In this example, you would need to wait for 30 seconds after the most recent API call.

In addition to the above limits, you cannot make more than one request to the API simultaneously. If one request is in progress and you make a second request at the same time, the second request will be rejected. You must wait until the first request has finished before starting the second request.

User Account, Not API Key

API usage is determined by the user account, and not by the API keys used. This means that you cannot generate multiple API keys for a single user account to sidestep these limits.

Server Response

If either of the API call rate limits have been reached, and your access to the API has been temporarily throttled, then you will receive the following response from the server:

429 Too Many Requests

Once the number of API calls in the rolling time period has dropped below the limit, access to the API will return to normal.